Matt Alex Grey is a 28-year-old junior scientific researcher who enjoys duck herding, watching sport and glamping. He is Online Worker and Always Online, but can also be very unstable and a bit greedy.Image result for men profile

He is British who defines himself as gay. He has a post-graduate degree in chemistry. He has a severe phobia of water, and is obsessed with jazz.

Basic Information

Name: Matt Alex Grey
Nicknames: Alek / Short Matt
Reason for nicknames: Derived from Alex / Descriptive
Date of birth: Monday, 8th Jan 1990 (Age 28)
Star sign: Capricorn
Nationality: British
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Social class: Middle class
Religion: Aetheist
Sexuality: Gay
Education: Masters / doctorate
Course: Chemistry
Political views: Apathetic
Relationship status: In a relationship with Travon Caspian Fenton
Career path: Science


Positive characteristics: Online Worker, Always Online
Negative characteristics: unstable, greedy
Words often used: Always Online, Online Worker, greedy, unstable
Other words that might be used: Always Online, Online Worker, changeable, cranky, disturbed, eager, educated, enlightened, explosive, greedy, hungry, impatient, informed, insane, instructed, irresolute, knowing, knowledgeable, labile, learned, lettered, literate, mentally ill, numerate, precarious, rapacious, reactive, rickety, rocky, schooled, self-educated, semiliterate, taught, tender, tippy, tottering, tutored, uneasy, unsettled, unsound, unstable, volatile, well-educated, well-read, wobbly, wonky
Moral: not at all
Stable: sometimes
Loyal: sometimes
Generous: sometimes
Extrovert: sometimes
Compassionate: very
IQ: 105
Hobbies: duck herding, watching sport, glamping, planking, jigsaw puzzles, drinking coffee, working on cars, tennis, camping
Bad habits: addiction to coffee
Phobias: water
Obsessions: jazz
Diet eats meat
Favourite foods: ice cream, donuts